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niedziela, 5 września 2010

Audrey Kawasaki

Mix of art nouveau and japanese manga

Amazing art of Emmanuel Malin

Born in 1982, Emmanuel Malin lives and works in Paris. He starts his journey in the world of arts at 18 years old, and try to find his path through studies in architecture and then urbanism; which lead him to a 90° change of direction as he discovers medical and scientific illustration. This discipline helps him improve his sense of details, and helps him polish his personnal style and universe. He starts his freelancer carreer working for museums, and then multiply experiences as a graphic designer and illustrator. Corporate communication, international press and edition, comics, audiovisual preproductions, and videogames industry are now his playground. Emmanuel is currently working as lead artist on a forward-looking MMORPG, and continue his freelance occupations in parallel.